Business Sustainability

As a part of Apex Husain, Mangrove Hometech aspires to ensure excellence and efficiency while following ethical business practices and adding value to its stakeholders. We are committed to sustainable business practices. We strongly believe in the principle of contributing back to the community where we operate and strive to give back to our community, its economy and environment through well-researched policies and focused initiatives.

We emphasize eco-friendly policies in our day to day activities because we believe that our company’s long-term health depends on taking care of the environment. Our environmental policies have been implemented and are maintained throughout our whole organization. Some of our environmental policies are as follows:

We at Mangrove Hometech are committed to demonstrating excellence in our environmental performance.
Compliance with all applicable environmental legislation to minimize our environmental impact and keep our surroundings clean and green.
Low-resource consumption policies (i.e fuel, water, natural gas, air and electricity.)
Awareness and skills-based training for our employees and suppliers to ensure sound environment management is everyone’s responsibility.

Moreover, Mangrove Hometech has received clearance from the environmental department of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

CSR Activities

We pride ourselves on our commitment to workplace safety, compliant facilities, factory and worker hygiene, environmentally conscious policies and entertainment to the highest level of satisfaction. We take our wider social responsibilities seriously and have implemented the following policies to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to our employees.

  • Dining hall for all personnel.
  • Prayer rooms for female and male employees.
  • Medical care center equipped with first-aid amenities and other facilities to ensure workers’ healthcare and hygiene.
  • Training programs to develop the skill, efficiency and workmanship of our employees.
  • Participating committee comprising equal numbers of members from both from management and workers to address welfare issues.
  • Incentives program to reward workers based on production performance, neatness, attendance and awareness of factory hygiene / safety issues.
  • Annual tours and picnic

    We emphasize social development because we know that we are responsible for the betterment of the society and stewardship of the environment in which we do operate. We take our commitment to social development seriously and have regular philanthropic causes, as well as special attention to those affected by natural disasters and refugee relief. Some of our philanthropic commitments:

  • National Heart Foundation
  • Sonar Bangla Foundation for Kidney Disease
  • Local sports clubs and recreational development
  • Local school and colleges funding and development
  • Donating to impoverished communities within our operating areas
  • Education and funding for our employees for their social betterment
  • Funding for schools, colleges, non-profit organizations and other social organizations focused on community development
  • People affected by natural disasters
  • Displaced peoples and refugee relief

    Mangrove Hometech is a global corporate citizen. Mangrove Hometech takes pride in aligning its corporate governance initiatives with globally accepted best practices while being sensitive to cultural perspectives. We continue to introduce policies, operating procedures and best practices throughout the organization to ensure that Mangrove Hometech operates in line with internationally accepted best practices as well as exceeding our customers' expectations.

    Mangrove Hometech is fully compliant:

  • With local national labor laws as well as international labor law (ILO) standards.
  • With the “Business Social Compliance Initiative” of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh
  • With the environmental rules and regulations of the local government jurisdictions
  • With the safety measurement rules and regulations of the local government
  • With regular provisions for inspections and auditing
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